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Your wedding experience in Italy can be an opportunity for you and the guests to visit the surroundings of a city, with an itinerary that also includes the wedding day but not only: just to give an idea, in a package of 4 to 7 days you will have included both bed and breakfast in the location where the wedding will be held for the chosen period and the activities of the various days, including guided tours and tastings in cellars, wellness package for the newlyweds’ relaxation , etc. All in our wonderful historic centers, villages, shops and anything else that affects your imagination.

We deal with the procedures for the marriage of foreigners in Italy, both for the classic wedding and for the Elopement (wedding in a smaller number). In addition to the tailored Wedding Planner service with specific advice and a package of visits and itineraries for the couple and guests, the agency deals also with the translation and oath of documents for English and French.

For other languages, we rely on other qualified interpreter translators, as well as on carefully selected staff.



Rosa Bettarini Events&Wedding presents itself on the market with the ambitious goal, through the professionalism of the owner, already an expert in tourism and event management, to develop and boost a project for the development and enhancement of Wedding Tourism in Italy focusing on the Marche and Abruzzo territory, but also in other places that are off the beaten tracks but extremely valued from a touristic or experience point of view.

By Wedding Tourism we mean, in a nutshell, the whole set of synergistic activities linked to Destination Wedding in Italy and which generates,  just like incoming, a virtuous supply chain for all those small and medium-sized local businesses, from accommodation facilities to ateliers and artisanal realities that feed the wedding industry.

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